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Our Story

The idea to create Around the World – Travel Stories came from our passion for travelling and new experiences, for discovering new places and different cultures. We wanted to share our passion and help other people have the same great experiences and make lifelong memories.  

We have an extensive experience in tourism, based on over 11 years of researching and offering the best services to our clients. Over the years, we’ve gathered a lot of knowledge about any dream destination: the ideal travel period, based on the local climate, the best way to get there, the best airline to choose for each destination, considering cost, comfort or additional layovers. We also know what is the best area in which you should stay and can recommend top hotels that can fit your wish list, the tourist spots that are worth visiting or additional trips that you can take once you are there. Being travel lovers, we have visited a lot of destinations and can now use our personal experience to give you the best advice for any situation.

Also, in order to offer you the best experience, we are there for you 24/7, offering personal consultancy in choosing the right destination. For years, we have maintained a close relationship with our business partners, both internal and external, this is why we can also guarantee competitive prices for any destination. From plane tickets to accommodations, private or group transfers, car rentals, charter packages or cruises, we can provide you with any travel service, at a good price. You can find out more about us and our partners here.

We hope to speak to you soon and to make your next holiday a great one – a travel story worth sharing!